Voice network that let you open your soul and understand people's nature. Voice forum.


Make world more sincere. To see our real nature and understand people's soul

Voice messages

The voice conveys emotions and makes the story more emotional and vivid

No ratings from other people

We don't use like and subscribe, we just say what we really think

To be heard

Your popularity is not important, everyone will be heard and can express his thoughts

We believe that
People can be
Sincere online

The voice forum gives everyone the opportunity to create their own theme and collect the answers of different people, here we share the most valuable - our true thoughts and emotions. It is priceless and most important in life.

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We Believe that a small
startup made sincerely
can win the hearts of millions

Each time when we thought and created we put our soul into what we did and did not give up. This application can touch your soul and you will understand how valuable this app is and what opportunities it opens for the humanity. To realize the nature of us and our inner world.

Featured Screens

Opensoul application consists of four screens each of which helps you get quick access to all the functionality